Your gateway to self-discovery to discuss and find out—why we work and how we work, what happens to work when we stop working on it.

For a three-sixty degrees view of products, design, UX, content strategy, product marketing and positioning, businesses, teams, models, frameworks, workflow, challenges, impact. Systems.

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Early bird—till 15 Sep. 2022 (closed now)

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Caption contest

Answer the question—”What is she thinking?” in not more than 12 words.

What you win

  • Buy one ticket for the Outcome conference you get another ticket absolutely free. So, you can partner with someone and pay only 50% of the ticket.
  • Your caption will be highlighted as a poster on the conference venue.
  • We might mention it in a blog post after the conference is over.

The rules

  • Keep the context to technology and to our digital work.
  • By witty—captions are about your ingenuity.
  • Captions that are biased, derogatory, or disrespectful towards any segment or category, will be ruled out of the contest.
  • Send your entry via email with the subject ’Outcome 2023 caption contest’ to [email protected]. If you send multiple entries, only the first entry is eligible.
  • Only Indians are eligible to enter the contest (sorry for others). 
  • Our decision to select the winning entry will be final and is not subject to your questions, or judgment on our process.

Test your ingenuity—be witty and design-centric in the broader sense. See details in this Google slides document (opens in new tab)

Outcome conference 2023 opens a caption contest for folks in UX, design, content strategy, product management, and other digital and technology work practitioners.

Open from 06 January to 02 February 2023. Photo credits Unsplash (opens in a new tab).

What you get

  • Full day access to the in-person conference in the EDC Building, IT Park, Chandigarh
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks on the two days
  • Exclusive personal space for 1:1 or discussions in private groups
  • Invite to the Outcome’s private community in Slack
  • Access to all the talks’ slides and recordings after the conference is over

What more you get

  • Meet potential employers who are looking for right talent
  • Identify work opportunities if you are an independent consultant or a freelancer
  • Knowledge sharing–discuss why your API calls were stuck that day
  • Share the best practices to design mobile notifications
  • Identify talent if your organization needs design minds
  • Make friends with design-minded people or products-minded people to exchange curiosity, opinion, values, and UX bright patterns
  • Thirty percent (30%) discount on one seat in Meaning—an advanced program in products, UX and design, and product content strategy and content design, valid within six months of the conference date.

Buying the ticket

  • The option to buy the ticket is different for those who are in India and those who are buying it from India.
  • We use Stripe for international transactions; you can use your card over the secure Stripe integration to process the payment.
  • You can transfer a ticket to someone else, if you cannot make it to the conference for any reason. Write to us with the details and we shall take care of the next steps. Note: If you avail a special discount, you cannot transfer your ticket.


  • If you buy the ticket, you agree that you have read the Code of Conduct (CoC) for joining the Outcome 2023. 
  • If you avail any discount, you agree that you will provide the required documents as a proof that you are eligible to avail the discount on ticket.
  • The conference organizers reserve the right to make last minute changes in the conference program if there are unavoidable situations. For example, if a speaker is not traveling for the conference for any last-minute reason—we shall have back up plans for all such cases.
  • If the conference is canceled for any reasons beyond our control such as a natural disaster, a medical emergency in the city or at the venue, we are not liable to refund the money that you spend on your ticket. In all cases, we shall make the best efforts to find the workaround—the show must go on.

Interested to join us as a speaker? Great news—the call for speakers is open now. Join us.

We had speakers from Intuit, Atlassian, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Workday, Ericsson in the past. 

Toggle—A short story

(All the links in this story open in a new browser tab.)

One time, a girl was living with a boy—they both worked in digital products in content and UX adjacent roles. One fine day, the boy read a very small story of how we add complexity to some simple decisions sometimes (see the story).

They felt that they should learn to make at least some of their decisions quickly. To begin with, they checked their online shopping cart—a few products were added for a long time now. The couple was removing and nor buying these. The trade-offs were a bit complicated.

They felt the same kind of indecision in other aspects of their life. The girl thought that it has something to do with the energy. She took out a compass and they both wanted to check their North. None of them knew how to use the compass and a quick online search showed them how to find our North. They did. The compass was their gateway to process certain decisions in their life.

One fine morning they received the good news. The girl was expecting and they were so excited to welcome the new life. The man quickly ran a scan of their investments—the mutual funds, the coins, and some stocks. Are they worth an investment? He thought about it.

As they were preparing themselves for the baby, the boy’s career took an upswing. He got a promotion. These were the game changing moments for both of them. They were happy that they were planning a lot of things.

As the time of the delivery was getting closer, the girl felt the need to slow down—in buying new things, in their work, in their decisions. She wanted to pause and she saw a story in an Outcome 2020 email for how we tend to slow down our car without a reason because we just want to slow down.

The pause made them think.

On 12 August, the baby saw the light and the couple was absolutely delighted to see the baby. (I wrote a story in the year 2006 and the story had the same date for something in the year 2016, it was August 12. See a tweet with a picture from the story.).

It was in Outcome 2020 and their small galaxy within the Milky Way was changed now. Their portfolio was totally different now—and priorities too.

They named their baby as Toggle—something they both liked. Toggle Clark.

The parents knew what Toggle means. They tried to find the strength in their child—the strength to make decisions—for the things in their minds and for the things in their cart. 

For them, Toggle could work as an incentive, a lever, a direction, and a support system. They hoped that now they could exercise the choice better, and more clearly, and quickly enough.

Toggle helped.


Outcome 2023 could be that Toggle for you

Mutual funds, or a $25 book, or a an extra pair of shoes? The ticket could be your gateway to self-awareness, self-clarity, and to those items that always tend to stay in the cart. 

You can Toggle now.

The call for speakers is open, the opportunity to partner is open, the program is brewing up nicely, and the tickets are available now.

Outcome 2023—In-person, in Chandigarh.

Immanent Solutions is an official partner with Outcome 2023, a UX and product management and content strategy conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.

Immanent Solutions—Our partners for the Outcome 2023. 

Immanent Solutions is a power hub of Blockchain Solution Architects who aim to create robust solutions that give wings to your business ideas. See their website for more details.

vhite is the official sponsor of Outcome Conference 2023, a product management, UX, content strategy and design, and system thinking and civic design conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.
EDC Building is the venue of the Outcome conference 2023, Chandigarh.

Your chance to partner with us.

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Aircare as one of the sponsors and partners of Outcome—a UX, design, and content strategy conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.
Thisten as one of the sponsors and partners of Outcome—a UX, design, and content strategy conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.
Modulor Capital as one of the sponsors and partners of Outcome—a UX, design, and content strategy conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.
biz:Examiner as one of the sponsors and partners of Outcome—a UX, design, and content strategy conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.
2gthr as one of the sponsors and partners of Outcome—a UX, design, and content strategy conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.
vhite as one of the sponsors and partners of Outcome—a UX, design, and content strategy conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.