Your gateway to self-discovery to discuss and find out—why we work and how we work, what happens to work when we stop working on it.

We had a great time for two days—every individual enjoyed their time during the talks, and while in the breaks and on the food table.

500 reasons or one reason: Are you looking for one reason or 500+ reasons to join us at the Outcome 2023? In either case, these are listed in this Google drive document (opens in a new browser tab). Have a look, and come back here to buy your ticket. 


Special discounts
: We offer discounts to students (who are studying and are not working), to the government employees, to the employees of a registered non-profit, and if one of the parents or partners of the ticket buyer is serving in Indian armed forces. If you avail a discount on any of these criteria, you cannot transfer your ticket to anyone at any stage.

Group discounts: We offer a group discount of 10% if you register for a group of 3 or more participants. Write to [email protected] in that case and we shall send you the steps to register as a group.

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