The Code of Conduct

All participants in the Outcome 2023 conference agree to this Code of Conduct (“OCoC”) by default. It applies to all the registered participants, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, vendors, support staff for the vendors, and the conference organizers.

We are committed to provide a safe, enjoyable, and friendly conference experience to anyone regardless of your gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, origin, or medical condition. Any type of targeted harassment for any obvious or seemingly-obvious intention makes the offender immediately disqualified from being a part of the conference.  Any instance of questionable conduct including use of unacceptable verbal language or body language, or any form of digital or manual communication to fellow participants may invite a warning or even a stern action, including expulsion from the conference, immediately.

Needless to say, the violators cannot claim a refund of their conference registration tickets or refund of their expenses incurred in any capacity, if they undergo any such action. If any instance warns of calling the conference venue management or even for a legal action, we shall be happy to support the victim.

If you notice any such behavior or an attempt, we request you to contact anyone in the organizers as soon as possible. An evidence if you can share certainly helps us.

In all cases, we are thankful to you if we can ensure a friendly, respectful, and enjoyable conference experience for all.

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